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Chapter 1 - Understanding


What you believe is what you get. You are only limited by

what you can think, and believe.— Richard W. Lutts, Sr.




Simply put, manifestation is the ability to create. We all live in the third dimension, with physical energy, forces and matter. In this physical world, energies flow through and around us. By recognizing these energies and understanding the flow of energy, we can create and manifest in our world.


Many people wish to obtain physical things in the world, such as money, cars and houses. Certainly these things can be manifested, and this book shows you how to do it. But there are other things you can manifest too. You can manifest positive relationships, happiness, success, accomplishment, vibrant health, good luck, understanding, healing, love and anything else you can dream of. In fact you can literally manifest things and situations into your life that are so wonderful, they are truly magnificent.




Many things in our world are just outside our physical third dimensional world. These things can be considered metaphysical, or simply beyond the physical .


A few examples of some of these things which are just beyond the physical are gravity, magnetism, and radio waves. And although we cannot “see” these things, we know they exist, and trust that they are what we believe them to be. Conventional science tells us it is so. Other examples of things beyond the physical are human thoughts, human perceptions, and strong feelings for another person.

Taking this concept further, studies in quantum physics now support the existence of and interaction of additional metaphysical elements in our universe. (More in Chapter 7, Science and Quantum Physics). Understanding how the universe works is important in the manifestation process. Once you understand how the universe really works, you can use these universal laws to your benefit and manifest greatness into your life.




You have probably been taught your whole life that to make things happen, you should take an action. Certainly in the third dimension this is one of the most common ways to achieve a result. But there is a far better, quicker, easier, more natural and more effective way to make things happen. You can make full use of metaphysical principles to create change in your world. Not only are metaphysical methods of creation superior for bringing about change, they also often:


- work better

- work much more quickly

- involve much less conscious effort

- make use of all resources available

- work perfectly, in the perfect way, at the perfect time


In a way, the difference between creating with traditional third dimensional methods and manifesting with metaphysical methods can be described as the difference between sleepwalking (and walking into walls) and being fully awake (and clearly seeing which doorways are open to you). 


Many people know that our thoughts are linked to energy and that our thoughts and beliefs determine which form this energy takes. People use thought for purposes such as creativity, positive thinking, goal-setting, faith, healing, meditation, and prayer.


However, this book shows how you can even more consciously create and manifest in your life. By using the proven tools, methods, steps and strategies in this book, you will be consciously creating with your intentions.


Quantum physicists theorize that your thoughts literally shift the universe on a particle-by particle basis to create your physical life. Look around you. Everything you see started as an idea, an idea that grew as it was shared and expressed, until it grew enough into a physical object through any number of “manufacturing” or “growth” steps.


Sometimes we can physically “see” ourselves create right before our eyes, as we literally create something from nothing: 


1) Plant a garden, and watch it grow

2) Organize a group

3) Buy a piece of land and build a house on it

4) Start a business

5) Start a family


These things are created from nothing, just an idea! In fact, you literally become what you think about most. Your life becomes what you imagine and believe in most. What you dwell upon becomes your reality. The world is literally your mirror, enabling you to experience in the physical plane what you hold as your truth, until you change it. 


For example, if you say to yourself, “I could never be rich,” then you are expressing that feeling and personal belief out into the world. And in dwelling on that expression of limitation, it becomes your reality. 


I now open my heart and mind to all the possibilities in the

universe. I am now open to seeing the universe in a whole

new way.




Energies around us manifest in various ways. This is a result of the natural order of the universe. It is also because people are energy, and attract energy toward them. Depending on your energy, you will attract different people and things into your life. Some of these things are great and wonderful, other things are less desirable. People attract different things to themselves for different reasons, and often don’t even realize what they are attracting.


For example, have you ever known anyone who liked to fight, and likes an argument? They will attract people to them who like a conflict, too. In fact, on a larger scale, they may find themselves fighting city hall, the legal system, schools, companies, and the federal government. This is the way they work, attracting the energy of conflict to them. The more they want to fight, the bigger the adversary they will find (or will find them). The universe will always find you a worthy opponent, if you really want one.  


Conversely, other people will attract positive, harmonious things. Have you ever known someone who is always positive, and always feeling great? These types of people are attracting positive things and events to them.

When you are perfectly in balance and in right way with the world, things manifest effortlessly. Conversely, when things in your life are not occurring as they should, it may be because you are a bit out of balance.  


Here is a long list of many of the issues, problems, concerns, and difficulties which many people encounter at some time in their lives. See if any of these challenges are creating an opportunity for you to put yourself back into balance, in order to help you better manifest in your world.